“Retirement Is Made of a Lifetime of Decisons"

Choose Wisely

This Next 35 Years website is dedicated to the Retiree who lives in the rural countryside in the Pacific Northwest.

Rural Retirees may not have the same options that the City Retiree has, but wants the same security, control and financial enjoyment. Rural Retirees have less options to medical networks and may not have local education for unique financial strategies necessary in a changing U.S. economy which is affecting the majority of Retirees across the country.

Many decisions MUST be made entering Retirement. But what are your options given your particular circumstance?

And the questions continue….

Its crazy as you stop work and roll into Retirement that you have to make critical decisions with limited knowledge on many topics!

Mark Rogers has lived on a small family farm for the past 2 decades in eastern Washington.  He has been  working alongside Rural Families for 17 years and seeks to share critical information for successful retirement while minimizing the draining of Savings to the IRS, Inflation, Market crashes and the Nursing home.  Keep more of our Retirement Savings for your family!

Mark Rogers

It’s time to learn! Get your pencil and paper out to take notes. Ask questions. Learn your new subjects for retirement that may impact you for years to come!