Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity

Get Guaranteed Returns while Keeping Your Money Safe

“Money is always moving. It’s either moving towards you or away from you. It’s best to know which way your money is going.”

Grow Your Retirement Savings with a Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity

In 2022 we saw INFLATION set in that makes good and services you purchase more expensive. That is tough for Retirees living in Rural Counties of Washington and Oregon.

Retirees living in RURAL areas of Washington State face many unique risks after Age 65, and that is why many Retirees are taking a portion of their Bank Savings and transferring from their Bank Savings accounts into Insurance Companies for safety, security, control and growth of their MONEY.

Recently some Rural Retirees named Joe (69) and Sheila (68) who live own some farmland have $300,000 in Savings at the bank realized their problem of MONEY losing down at the bank earning 1% interest in this rising INFLATION period. They wanted their SAVINGS to grow to keep up with medical inflation and for other emergencies, but it wasn’t happening at the Bank.

After learning about what Insurance Companies guarantee for their Savings, Joe and Sheila transferred $100,000 from their $300,000 in their Bank Savings to a financially high-rated Insurance Company offering 4.7% guaranteed on their money for the next 5 years. They can see that in 5 years they will have $125,800- guaranteed– a $25,800 increase in savings! And should a Chronic Illness expense come up for either Joe or Sheila, they can remove that money penalty-free.

Why not see how much your money may grow inside a FIXED Annuity for 3, 4 or 5 years?

If you would like to see how Joe and Sheila were able to GROW their Savings year after year without annual taxes (on non tax-qualified Savings) and have their Savings available to pay for health-care costs, reach Mark today to see the details.

Learn today how to keep your MONEY FLOW from going away from you with the current INFLATION rates on your Savings! Learn how SMART Retirees are taking a portion of their SAVINGS and building a bucket of GROWING money for later.

Reach out to Mark Rogers today to schedule your 15-20 minutes on the phone or Zoom to see how you can efficiently and effortlessly plan for these increasing medical expenses in the future.

Mark Rogers

Mark Rogers has worked with Rural Retirees in Washington State for over 17 years and has lived on a small family farm raising his family with kids and animals. He seeks to SERVE his Clients by looking across the landscape of financial institutions to find Insurance Companies who are top financially rated and have guaranteed contracts that meet the objectives of his Clients and friends.