Life Insurance

Just In Case You Need It

Buying Life Insurance Is Easier Than You Think!

Applying for life insurance can be stressful but it does not have to be.

Since Covid, Life Insurance policies are becoming more popular to keep in a Family’s Estate. They build security and control in uncertain times for families.

And the good news is is that it easier and more affordable to obtain now more than ever!

Rural Working Families like to have life insurance policies in place to keep the family together in an untimely passing of one of the parents. It gives the surviving Spouse instant financial assistance to weather the loss of the other Parent

And in the past 100 years, Rural Business Owners have found life insurance contracts to be a very suitable, efficient, and cost effective way to control and build tax-free assets.

Lately, with the U.S. Federal Deficit now over $30 Trillion, astute Retirees are seeing that having Life Insurance policies in place give them much advantage over those that don’t! They see the ability to leverage for LTC expenses, tax-free income, passing Farms to the next generation. Rural Retirees wish to maintain and keep the financial freedoms we enjoy, and properly built life insurance policies can help with just that.

Add to Your Current Life Insurance Coverage!

Take a Look at Insurance Policy Questions That Clients Ask Mark Rogers

“First, I always ask– why do we have the Life Insurance Policy? There are many reasons these days– some you may not know. If your health is good, it is good to see what options you have, as we never know when our health takes a turn for the worse (see Mark’s Covid story). Secondly, if life insurance has purpose after 3 years, what options do we have to convert some or all of it to continue coverage (if possible)?”

“Many Life Insurance Companies have gone to non-fluid exams after Covid came. So now you have choices with policies that won’t require the hassle if you are too busy. (The link below should have this option ready for you to review.)”

“Great question! In Retirement Years, life insurance plays multiple rolls that are more critical now than ever before. (1) Spouse wants it there when the “Social Security Cliff” happens upon first Spouse passing, (2) Some of these Life Policies provide “LTC benefits”, (3) Some Retirees have built the Cash Value up to pull out Tax-Free money when Income Taxes go up, (4) Some want a small death benefit to pay for the increasing burying & final expenses.”

Today is the day to LEARN more on how Tax-Free Life Insurance Plans can benefit your family for the future. Schedule time on Mark’s Calendar below or ask him a question in the Chat Box!

Mark Rogers

Mark Rogers has worked with Rural Retirees in Washington State for over 17 years and has lived on a small family farm raising his family with kids and animals. He seeks to SERVE his Clients by looking across the landscape of financial institutions to find Insurance Companies who are top financially rated and have guaranteed contracts that meet the objectives of his Clients and friends.