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Why Should You Care?

“Why doesn’t Medicare cover these custodial care (LTC) expenses?”

“How much of my Retirement Savings am I risking for a moderate health-care problem at Home or Facility?”

Simply Put -- Long Term Care Policies Pay for Custodial Care Expenses at Home or a Facility

Now the medical technology has allowed Rural Retirees to live longer. 50% or more of Rural Retirees are living page age 82! And this presents the problem of health-care expenses to take care at home or in a facility.

These “Custodial Care Expenses” will be paid from your SAVINGS—not any kind of health insurance or Medicare plans. Because these EXPENSES are paid by your Retirement Savings, can your Savings grow and be liquid to pay for these Expenses?

Mark Rogers has been certified as a LTC Specialist since 2008. With helping hundreds of families plan for this health-care problem, he segregates the LTC planning into different categories to be more efficient in building LTC plans.

LTC Strategies May Be Different For Your Stage of Life.

Long-term care planning can be complicated based on health conditions and financial assets.   A certified LTC Specialist is trained to seek solutions based on unique family scenarios. 

With Long-term Care Planning, you may be faced with questions like:


“My dad and mom had a LTC policy for many years, and they both passed away within a couple of years ago, and weren’t able to use their LTC policies. Is this type of policy still going on today?”


“Thanks for the question! I have helped many families plan over the years, and here in the last 15 years I have pivoted to a LTC plan for those that are planning”


“We live in the rural part of the county, and we understand that the LTC Policies pay for caretakers to come to the house. That is not feasible due to the distance for a licensed care-taker to come. Is it possible to have a LTC policy pay for family member to help here at the house?”


“Yes, that has been a been concern working with the farming families in the rural country.  And the good news is is that more insurance policies now are paying CASH, which gives you the freedom to pay friends, neighbors or family to help assist in the home with your loved one”



“I have heard on the news that some States are looking at putting some kind of “payroll tax” for those of us working for the purpose of build a state-funded LTC plan. Is there a way to avoid paying that extra tax from the State?”


“Yes, this is a little-known movement that many states are looking at. Here in 2021, Washington State I helped as many Employees and Business Owners to build their own personal LTC plans, so they could exempt from the WA State LTC Payroll tax which is starting now July 2023. I am following California as they wind through similar legislation, and probably making some changes to what Washington State did.”

As a good matter of planning, I recommend Employees and Executives looking at settling on a personal LTC plan for themselves while the availability of policies is available (see Washington State process in 2021).   Getting ‘ahead of the curve’ in securing that personal LTC plan will mean less hassle when the State passes the legislation.  And it is good to remember that only certain LTC plans will qualify under the state legislation.

Do you have questions for Mark Rogers, Certified LTC Specialist?

Mark is available for your questions to discuss options to secure your financial freedom from Retirement Savings draining from a LTC illness, or to exempt from the coming State LTC payroll tax, or to see how your parent’s LTC policy my be claimed on!

Mark is available via the chat function here, on the phone, on scheduled Zoom meeting, in the office, or in the kitchen!

Mark Rogers

Mark Rogers has worked with Rural Retirees in Washington State for over 17 years and has lived on a small family farm raising his family with kids and animals. He seeks to SERVE his Clients by looking across the landscape of financial institutions to find Insurance Companies who are top financially rated and have guaranteed contracts that meet the objectives of his Clients and friends.