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Here's what you'll learn in the workshop:

Why LTC insurance is important

According to the AARP, there is a 52% chance you will need long term care. Learn how to avoid spending your entire nest egg on long term care costs.

How to design a plan that works for you

Everyone has the same problem with Long Term Care Insurance: If you never use it, you wasted all that money. I’ll show you how you can design a plan so that your heirs get your money back – Guaranteed!

What to do if you're already insured

If you already have long term care insurance, don’t cancel it yet. Learn how you can get something 5-10x better without increasing your cost.

Don't let outrageous healthcare costs ruin your retirement

With the rising costs of long term care, it’s hard to know the best way to prepare.

Health care costs shouldn’t ruin your retirement.

At Long Term Care Architects we empower you with the knowledge and guidance you need to find the best insurance plan so you can live retirement worry free.

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Short Term Care 101

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The differences between long term care insurance options
  • The advantages and disadvantages of Traditional Long Term Care Insurance
  • How a hybrid Life + Long Term Care plan works
  • How to choose the right plan for you